Jackie Brice

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 I was asked by the Board of Directors of the Backus Gallery and Museum
to paint a mural on the west wall of the building.  The mural was to be a
copy of a Backus painting entitled "Dawn's First Light".  The painting is of
a sunrise over The Indian River.  I accepted the challenge knowing that it
would be impossible to duplicate a Backus painting but I tried my best.


     This undertaking was for a fund raiser to build a new wing on the
gallery.  As the donations came in, the painting took shape.  After the wall
was prepared I began  the painting following the steps that Backus used when
he painted.  First came the blue wash.  Then came the blue sketch and
finally the application of the paint beginning with the clouds. It measures

     The photos seen here show the beginning of the mural and the finished
painting.  It was an honor to do this for The Backus Gallery and for my
friend and teacher, Beanie Backus.