Jackie Brice

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 Unpacking my paintings for my first exhibit in Washington D.C.
  It was held in the The Russell Rotunda in the Richard Russell Senate Bldg.

It took a year to prepare for this exhibit.  There were 17
paintings showcasing many areas of Florida.

United States Senator Bob Graham hosted a reception at The
Florida House for me.  I was thrilled at the number of dignitaries there. 
Most of all I was so proud and happy that my children and grandchildren could be there.

Before the reception, Adele Graham invited my family to her Washington, D.C. home.

After the reception, those attending, went to the exhibit to view my paintings.

I was honored to be asked to exhibit in The Governor's Gallery
in our State Capitol in Tallahassee.  Gov. Bush chose this painting as his favorite of the exhibit

Gov. Bush took time from his busy schedule for a photo in his office.